START-IT was designed to simplify the process of UDT in the office. It uses a tablet PC to collect the required information for a UDT, and then interprets that information within the limitations of the test. START-IT provides a customized, pragmatic report indicating exactly what this result may mean for this specific patient, as well as additional considerations for the clinician given the inherent limitations of UDT. The report is synchronized with the electronic medical record (EMR) with the click of a button. START-IT also tracks data which can be used for quality improvement and research purposes. The automation of START-IT ensures that no medical personnel are required for the administration of urine drug testing, IA interpretation, or even in making the decision to send for confirmatory testing with LC-MS. This is an important part of the HARMS Program in that it makes UDT less burdensome for physicians and therefore more practical in frontline medicine.