UrInterpret is an app we made for smartphones that is intended to be a quick aid when interpreting UDT (immunoassay and/or liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry). Within a few clicks, you can find out answers to questions such as: my patient is prescribed morphine, what IA panels should show up positive? Or, my patient unexpectedly had the benzodiazepine panel show up positive, what might have caused this? Or, my patient is prescribed morphine, what metabolites might I see on LC-MS that are from this medication versus metabolites that should not be seen with morphine and imply that my patient took something else? Or, my patient's LC-MS was positive for hydromorphone, what medications may cause this metabolite to show up in the urine? Or, LC-MS results came back positive for methcathinone which a quick google search tells me is a recreational street drug - should I be concerned or is there another explanation for what may have caused this?

Get the Android app on Google play. An iOS version is in the works.